Master Thesis: Optimization of tube forging process

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With its components for the aviation industry, RO-RA Aviation Systems GmbH sets innovative trends and ensures safe flight conditions. Due to the rapid growth over the last few years the accompanying changes have presented our crew with a great number of tasks and challenges. They also offer many opportunities for co-designing and personal development.

Become a "high-flyer with traction" who will take us on a long-haul flight and will not be discouraged by occasional turbulence.

Master Thesis: Optimization of tube forging process

Using Crystal Plasticity FEM and experimental data for structural applications in aircrafts


  • Literature Study
  • Implementation of a crystal plasticity material model within DAMASK
  • Set up of a calculation workflow for tube forging process using FEA and DAMASK
  • Validation of the calculation workflow using experimental data

Skills and competencies:

  • Strong PC skills (Windows and optional Linux) and adequate programming skills (e.g.: Python, MatLab, C, C++)
  • Knowledge of Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Analytical and numeracy skills
  • Knowledge in metallurgy and material science preferred


  • Engineering, Aviation, Physics, Mathematics

RO-RA Aviation Systems GmbH is a well established supplier of different parts for aircrafts. One of these parts are tie rods consisting of an aluminum tube and adapter ends of various geometries and materials. Tie rods are commonly used connecting elements in an aircraft transferring tensile and compressive forces. The tube is a key part within this tie rod and hence subject of interest in terms of production and strength.

This Master Thesis deals with the optimization of the tube forging process of aluminum tubes. Therefore a Finite Element model representing the forging process will be implemented. The plastic behaviour of the aluminum at the crystalline level will be represented by the method of the crystal plasticity finite element method. Therefore a software tool called DAMASK (Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, Düsseldorf, Germany) will be used in order to simulate the micromechanical behaviour. The identification of material parameters for such micromechanical material models is vital for the understanding and modelling of micromechanical behaviour and therefore existing experimental data shall be analysed and used for calibration and validation of material models. The validated simulation model shall further be analysed to identify potential optimization parameters of the raw material and the forging process in terms of an optimal and robust forging process itself as well as an optimum strength behaviour.

In accordance with the Austrian collective labour agreement, we advise you that the minimum monthly gross salary for this role is 1.204,23 EUR (in case it is a mandatory internship for a University of Applied Sciences).

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